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Other Online Tutors

Sindu Bharathi, Online Math Tutor

Sindu tutors Math and Statistics for High school and University students. She also works with Homeschooling families and Professionals. She has a Masters degree in Math and loves teaching.

Her Website is: https://onlinemathtutornow.com/

Naghmana Tehseen, Online Math Tutor

She graduated with PhD in Mathematics from La Trobe University, Australia. She teaches maths to all level students. She helps students to build up their maths confidence, understanding and fill in the gap. She loves to work with students who want to take maths to the next level and participate in Maths competitions. She also work with homeschooling students and parents

Her Website is: https://bendigomathtutor.com/

Allen Tsao, Online Electrical Engineering Tutor

He studied Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. He loves helping students build confidence and tackle challenging high school and college courses.

His Website is: www.bothellstemcoach.com