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Welcome to Sammy’s Math and Chemistry Online Tutoring LLC!

About Us

Sammy's Math and Chemistry Online Tutoring LLC was formed in April 2019. The President of the company is Mr. Sammy Ghorab. Sammy earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a 3.5 GPA from the University of South Florida in 2007. His passion for math and chemistry carried over to pupils he voluntarily tutored during his 10-year career as a chemical engineer. In April 2019, he decided to become a full time professional tutor and open his own tutoring company.

We have a team of certified teachers, professors, and tutors with degrees. We help students who attend public and private schools, are home schooled, and take online courses in math, chemistry, chemical engineering (academic subjects and job training), special education, reading, speech, elementary education, music theory, and Chinese. One-on-one or group tutoring and academic coaching are offered. Discounts are given for referrals, group tutoring, and academic coaching packages. Whether you or your child needs to catch up or get ahead, we can help you build confidence and achieve higher marks!

Call us today at 321-759-3285 or fill out the registration form to schedule a Free Consultation to start getting results!

Sammy Ghorab, President

Tutoring and Academic Coaching

Tutoring and Coaching helps students in the following areas:

  • Improve study habits

  • Change attitude towards classes

  • Understand concepts that match student's learning style and pace

  • Schedule and manage time for test readiness

  • Build skills and confidence

  • Become independent

The approach is simple and effective.

Step 1: Conduct a free 1 hour initial consultation to find out the needs and goals of the student along with a free online session. 

Step 2: Develop a customized learning plan for the student.

Step 3: Tutor and make sure the student is understanding the concepts, while assigning additional worksheets as needed, to master them.

Step 4: Track the student’s grades to see progress and results.


In addition to Step 4, with the permission of the parent, further communication and conference calls can be setup on a regular basis with the teacher and parent to discuss course schedule, due dates for homework, dates for quizzes and tests, and most importantly to make sure the student’s progress is moving in the right direction.

Main Goal

Our goal is to make each student successful inside the classroom and capitalize on their potential. Turning weaknesses into strengths in a subject opens new doors to career ideas that were not previously thought of or possible. When students perform well, the students, parents, and the environment at home is happier.

Flexible Schedule

Online sessions are available in the late afternoons, evenings, and even both days on weekends! This flexible schedule accommodates the busy schedules that students have. The Online booking system eases the scheduling and payment process. Book and pay for a date and time you desire to be tutored and your session is scheduled and reserved. 

Interactive Environment

Students are supported in a caring and engaging environment. They are given opportunities to solve problems on the whiteboard, ask questions, make mistakes, and learn from them. Nobody is perfect and it is absolutely okay to make mistakes and correct them along the way.


Success is important to you and us. Please look at the reviews to see how students performed when they worked with us.

Melanie S.

Chemistry Student

Krista S.

Chemistry Student

Shannon S.

Parent of Chemistry Student

If You Need Help in Math and/or Chemistry

Please call us today at 321-345-6894 to schedule a Free Consultation to address your needs and goals!